As I continue with this blogging thing, I have yet to ponder whether being here is the right thing to do or not.

Currently I am a teacher in Math but funny how I spend my time trying to read and read and read about writing and the like. I also keep creating rhymes in my head.

I don’t know anymore if this is just a long detour or just some psychological behavior I am not aware of.

But, hey! Just blogging! Thank you for visiting my site! I’m delighted! Comment, like, share. But please, don’t be too kind. I love argument for the sake of it. Just realized it. After all, I try to live up to this blog’s title.


And yes! After my post yesterday, Remembering Promises, I became quiet enthusiastic in doing my ‘work’ as a teacher. Actually, a facilitator. All the eagerness come from the students, and help will arrive to them if they seek it. So today, I answered queries and questions. Quiet fulfilling, if you ask me.

Thoughts, Thoughts, Thoughts. Thursday Thoughts: Blogging Challenge from M – F (MTWThF)

THis feels like so obligatory that I am losing the appetite to write this post but I have to since I challenged myself last Monday and I have to continue until tomorrow.

My writing as of this moment feels like being up with eyes closed. And yeah, I have to keep going. What else?

A while ago, I browsed through Cristian Mihai‘s and his post about civilization (read about it here) then through beetleypete‘s. I am not sure why but every time I read other people’s blogs I begin wondering how similar our thoughts are and that wow, they just put them to words like effortlessly while I’m here struggling to describe mine. But that’s okay I could manage just the same. I am not belittling my writing, I am just recognizing the talents and skills of others. And yes, they are good!

You know what? It really is not solely dependent on our intelligence or whatever. It will all boil down to whether we will do it or not. So here I am, inspired by whatever there is to be inspired about. So I’m not gonna drag this post any longer. Hehehehe. Just blogging!!!