These are the first blog sites I fell in love with!

Sun Requiem

(Can’t quite recall how I came across this blog site. All I knew was that I became so absorbed while reading the posts.)


(My favorite local writer. Don’t know why. I’ve known the author, met her in high school during a press conference. At that time, I joined the feature writing contest where she was the winner.)

Alys in the Storm

(The author’s my idol. If that term is acceptable.)

TóTómel: Tilling the Nascent Philippines and Finger Point

(The ‘encourager.’ The author’s a virtual friend. Soon to be an attorney. Good luck to him!)

Gathering Dreams

(Just came across the site and I loved it in an instant. Very helpful blogs!)


As I continue with my blogging activities, I come across other amazing blogs! Check them out as well. Ranking here is not possible. No, it’s not about that okay? I simply enjoy reading other inspiring people’s blogs!

Image Earth Travel

(I am scene lover after all! I love the philosophy behind the photographs.)

Banter Republic

(Suprisingly, I could identify with a lot of banters! The author here refuses to divulge who he is.)

Cristian Mihai

(Hmmm… Very deep and sharp sometimes. Also dark. But at the same time, he keeps lots of inspiring things to share.)

Blogs By J

(Poetic and calming tone.)