In this page, you will see pics or names of people I’ve grown fond of. Also random someone or something but has had a positive impact on me.

Yeah! She is my ‘GRAIL.’ My girlfriend. My notebook. My spamming box.

Dr. Katerin Ledesma

I first found fascination in her earnest and dedicated way of working. And she’s one of my inspirations. Why not?! She’s my colleague at uc in 2017-2018.
Here’s her website:
Hmmm, let me just keep you here… CTTO (a wordpress photo included in this portfolio layout)
You as well, can I keep you? (wordpress photo, included in this layout)
Sairene (left) and me. My student at uc. Have random students to have picture with though I like them most of the time. What do I mean? Never mind.

Me, myself, and I. I was kind of trying to capture how I work out but it came out just like that. haha
Hoaaaah!!! I didn’t mean for your face to show up here. Just showed up like this. Hehe.
Mam Krislyn, colleague also at uc, 2017-2019
With Aubrey, my cousin. Aubs, don’t we look great here? Hoooooops, sorry I know you don’t like just any picture posted online but I find this comforting (very much). Don’t worry you look much better here than I do. Well, I don’t care about how I look anymore, just how I could go on living a meaningful life. Right, aubs? Don’t fret about anything. Let’s just give thanks about everything! Hehehehe! Labyu!!!
And yes! This Fella! Lodi! Scrrenshot the day of his profile pic update on facebook. You can see his name in the screenshot.




Why i-Pakpak?

Might you be wondering why the page’s title is i-Pakpak? ‘i’ in small letter mean inspiration, while ‘Pakpak’ means to paste. In essence, I am pasting here any pic or whatever of the people or things who/that inspires me.

And yes, many many more things will show up here since not only one thing or person inspires me.