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I’m down with three priorities in life: • To stay alive out of good diet; • To be able to save money for the future (or at least be debt free); and • To give love to my family. It’s safe for you to assume, I’ve had enough.


Søren Kierkegaard

I have not actually read the works of this profound and prolific writer. And I am not here to write a book review either. I just feel inspired by this “buddy.” Something about his biography hooked me up to his being. What I know I did to know him was move my eyes from top…

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Why I Launched This Site

I launched this site, basically, because of some reason I am not telling anyone. Another is I want a page where I could publish my articles (just anything about anything). And since I teach, I will use this for whatever necessary purpose it may serve my students. So if you are here, just browse around…

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I was born and was raised. I crawled then I walked. And I walked on my own. I danced. I sang. I did many things. I reasoned out. I won and I lost. I tried many things. I lived! I dreamt of things! I had my passion! I shared. I was given. I had friends. My heart broke. I hurt others. Just like any other being, I had my aspirations. I imagined myself like someone whom I wanted to become. I travelled. I wandered and wondered! And time came, I reached the end. I was on edge. Or maybe, I just arrived at the junction... And at this junction starts a new journey!

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