Category: Prayer

That One Prayer

That one prayer, I knew, changed things for the better. It may have been a well-wish for a person, a whisper of hope, or a random good thought for another. If each one does this, then imagine the whole world rejoicing! We could have prayed better than for this ‘thing’ to occur. Collectively, our hearts’…

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Remembering Promises

Please allow me to write this post. Ignore the redundancies as I will be saying quite a lot of similar words or phrases over and over. Few years back (2013) I remember how I asked rather desperately for a teaching job. Back then, I recall how I promised lots of things the moment I landed…

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I have never asked for these kids but you have given them anyway. Things just happened the way they did and so here I am, sometimes lost, sometimes bewildered… It feels like everything that I do is never enough for them and even I admit that I have never been anything good with regards to…

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