(I’m Going Home, I’m Going Home) Wondering Why/How Traveler’s get awesome realizations

This morning, I opened my Facebook account to find out that I was tagged in a post. And this is just one of the types that would halt me from whatever that I was doing and since I share the same sentiment with the author of this composition, I just feel it would be a … Continue reading (I’m Going Home, I’m Going Home) Wondering Why/How Traveler’s get awesome realizations

Blogging Mantra

It really is interesting how this particular blogger can keep his audience for long and I am one who has been a regular to his blog site. A recurring theme I've found on his blog is his mantra of punching the damn keys. And so I thought I would create mine as well? After all, … Continue reading Blogging Mantra

Ode to Farmers, by Leomel Pasquin

Nothing is more relaxing than to sit beneath the shadow a huge tree and enjoying the scenery of a vast rice field before sunset. Men started to emerge from paddies which they tended to the whole day. Along their paths were verdant grasses that shyly sprouted in greetings for the dawn of the rainy season. … Continue reading Ode to Farmers, by Leomel Pasquin

Be a Bridge

So you've finally arrived. And you thought, Ahhh... Was that it? Is that all there is to it? Is it really that simple? Then you lift your head, while your eyes wander back to the place where you came from then you see someone trying to figure out as well their way to the destination. … Continue reading Be a Bridge

Be Wary

We read for the purpose of gaining inspiration and lessons. But the act does take something away from us as well when we become so absorbed by what we read. So be careful. Use an umbrella when it is raining, or put on coat for that matter. Shield your hands if you are to hold … Continue reading Be Wary


And yes! After my post yesterday, Remembering Promises, I became quiet enthusiastic in doing my 'work' as a teacher. Actually, a facilitator. All the eagerness come from the students, and help will arrive to them if they seek it. So today, I answered queries and questions. Quiet fulfilling, if you ask me.

Truth: Unmetered

Don't let it out just yet. Don't let it out hastily. Lay the groundwork, gather the nest. In preparing your haven is safe. And don't be deceived. It will not always mean peace. People are evil, they are jealous. They are violent, loud and unbelieving. As it may come out like a storm, you have … Continue reading Truth: Unmetered