Blogging Mantra

It really is interesting how this particular blogger can keep his audience for long and I am one who has been a regular to his blog site.

A recurring theme I’ve found on his blog is his mantra of punching the damn keys. And so I thought I would create mine as well?

After all, the essence of blogging for me is having some platform to express my soul.

So here goes…

“Type unless you’re asleep!”

If I could explain this, I mean, I should focus on my writing whenever I have the chance to. Trade offs include watching television, chitchatting, sewing, and many more.

Really we never know. So here I am, at around 11 pm, thinking about writing. And reading of course. And doing the act.


Making Time, Taking Time, Owning Time

I’ve been wanting to devote a whole day for reading and writing and now that I’m finally having the chance, I’m making time for it.

I’m taking my time and owning it.

When you’ve been nagged at for so long, you would know this is a freedom of a kind. And you can’t help feeling being freed to do whatever you want for so long as you can.

Things we should suspend for the time being would be overindulging, procrastinating, and putting off momentum for something one could do.

So drafting would be the thing for today. Let’s see if we would be able to publish some already. I may not hit the publish button just yet for a week or so. I’ve told myself there would be no routine in my blogging mantra. I’ll publish if I will, not yet if not yet.

I am thinking of carefully penning down my thoughts for what they really should be, and see how they will go.

We’ll be closing the drain and removing ‘delete-reflex’ for the time being.

So how’s it going with you?

And So we Continue

Moving on, we have to slow down a bit and think about the reasons why we write. Would it just be to express? To walk someone thru something? To inform? To rant? To flex people, books, pictures, words? Is it out of hobby or to earn?

I tend to forget the reasons for my directions and I’m just so indulgent at the very moment to try to be consistent with what I say now and before. I was scared for a bit that moment I divulged on Facebook that I’ve been stealing chances to post on a blog site.

One reason might be because I’m not really the type to go public with my thoughts and deepest aspirations. More so publishing things on the internet. As one might have depicted from my previous posts, I’m not the pro in this field and I am simply taking a long detour from whatever destiny that awaits me. Not that I’m defensive but really, I was not schooled formally for these kind of things save the few lectures I attended back in my high school days when we outsmarted our teachers into being selected for competitions on journalism. Back then, I was honestly not into this type, writing.

But there is just this magic that is created by the prospect of blogging that now that I’m on a go for it that I should grab any momentum that will propel me to discover whatever reason I can have for doing this.

And so this continues.


As I go on with my blogging activities (reading, writing, networking), I realized that there is more to it than just earning or exploring the platform.

It’s a great avenue to think about thinking and to realize the things that one is most inclined to write about. To tell you, I jumped right out of desperation to launch this site, somewhat blinded by the prospect of earning a little. But slowing down, I come to recognize the importance of having a purpose in doing something.

People read no matter how they seem not to, so there’s just no way for the ‘don’t care’ attitude as it would be like undermining many things all at the same time.

Anyone who posts online do so for one reason or another.

It has come to light that I wanted to write all along but this passion has been million times overshadowed by my very own self branding. I failed to see before that beside one’s main meal could be side dishes. And thinking further, the side dish could actually be the only dish that one can eat and he/she still could be healthy. But I won’t ever give up on my main as a form of respect to what I’ve been given. And to never waste whatever is already on the table.

I believe that I’ve felt so alone over a long time. Not that no one bought my stories but there’s just a difference when one can lay down first all her stories, her colors, her side of the truth, and everything before someone else approaches for thoughts or any other comments. So with this platform, one can be liberated from many many things.

To live up to this blog’s title, I can only write so much about life and goals and realizations but from time to time I will insert videos and random thoughts or stories.

One form or another, the purpose is to share or give a little of oneself. I still can’t give up on the ‘I syndrome’ as I think this is what I will be having on my blog for the first few months but I believe that I will be transitioning to a more pleasant writing experience (and so for my readers).

Please allow me to take this chance to express my heartfelt gratitude to a certain someone who did not hesitate to encourage me despite my doubts and cynicism. The short story for how I came to know this someone (such an honor) is that, my cousin, (pretty, beautiful cousin, ehem!) who was to take her pre law exam at that time, came to our house to seek my expertise in my field. And while we were catching up, she related how this Sir could write very well and good that I could not help but ask for his Facebook account as I was very curious and eager to know more about him. So there, we sent a friend request to him. As inquisitive and vocal as I am, I did not have a second thought into approaching him (messaging him) and our conversation just somewhat developed naturally. We maintained constant messaging up to this point that I am now writing (blogging) and since he was experienced in this thing, I received lots of tips on how I should go on with mine. It may just have been his talent (maybe skill) in raising a cult of writers that he was able to let me get my hands typing (I tell you, as cynic and doubtful as I was). And so I wish to thank you, Sir, if ever you are reading this post, and best of luck on your review (for the upcoming BAR exams).

Thoughts, Thoughts, Thoughts. Thursday Thoughts: Blogging Challenge from M – F (MTWThF)

THis feels like so obligatory that I am losing the appetite to write this post but I have to since I challenged myself last Monday and I have to continue until tomorrow.

My writing as of this moment feels like being up with eyes closed. And yeah, I have to keep going. What else?

A while ago, I browsed through Cristian Mihai‘s and his post about civilization (read about it here) then through beetleypete‘s. I am not sure why but every time I read other people’s blogs I begin wondering how similar our thoughts are and that wow, they just put them to words like effortlessly while I’m here struggling to describe mine. But that’s okay I could manage just the same. I am not belittling my writing, I am just recognizing the talents and skills of others. And yes, they are good!

You know what? It really is not solely dependent on our intelligence or whatever. It will all boil down to whether we will do it or not. So here I am, inspired by whatever there is to be inspired about. So I’m not gonna drag this post any longer. Hehehehe. Just blogging!!!

Amidst this pandemic they cry, “Let us out! Let us out!”

Amidst this pandemic they cry, “Let us out! Let us out!” They are pleading. And I could not contain them anymore. It seems out of place to be writing these but maybe not. My thoughts keep screaming like they would explode if not put into paper. One by one, let us try:

  • I was wondering, what if the most dreadful thing happens to me? Then I will have failed to have “My Kind of Math” completed. I’ve always been crafting something about this something which I have not yet started with something either way. So I will have to find a way in order to realize my life project. Though frustrated every time… My children whining for my attention. Students works which need marking and reading. Household chores that keeps bothering me. I have to plan it out the soonest!  
  • Writing is my thing! I just know it is! I know I’m not good enough, not yet. I still struggle for words, I lack the discipline. Still a novice, an amateur. I did not even enroll in a program about writing when I was in college. But I am! I am! I will find my way to show it.
  • Why is it that everytime I try to pen my thoughts, they escape me and I couldn’t seem to have them back. If not they are already jumbled and I could never seem to put them back together. Sitting here right now, I’m earnestly trying to word exactly what I thought I’d wish to write. But try as I may, I still get the words different compared to how I originally phrased them in my mind. But I will have to try and put them back. Like a paper in shreds which needs to be pasted together. I will be able to do it!

And now they’re out and about… “No more screaming,” I say to them. One by one they will come out. And they will have to queue as I need to figure out how to lay them out into the open. Because amidst this pandemic my thoughts cry, and I decided to let them out.

We have to be broke to blog (or maybe, vlog?)

I am not actually good at writing but it does not necessarily mean that I could not write or should not write or will not write. And literally who doesn’t know how to write, right? One could just hold a pen or ballpen then put it on top of a paper, move the hands, then that’s it! As they say everyone has something to say so here’s my story.

I recently acquired a huge amount of financial debt and as of writing time I am being bombarded by phone calls (some are robocalls) from lending companies. I will not mention how large the amount is. Just know that it is a large sum so in order to extinguish the debt I have to really work hard in obtaining “a lot of money.” Else I might file for bankruptcy. It is worth mentioning how these companies operate. They urge you to “pay your debt so you could reloan for a higher amount.” It goes without saying, higher amount, higher interest. Honestly, they are like asking for a pay raise. Some would threaten to bring an NBI agent to your home. And much as I want to laugh, I am not in any position to do so knowing that I am in a bind. Their words come like, “Madali lang naman gawan yan ng paraan eh, mangutang ka sa mga kakilala mo tapos magrereloan ka din naman pagkatapos mo magbayad.” I can’t burst with rage because I know it’s not the solution to this mess. They may shoot me for ranting here but I think I have paid enough right to bluster. As for how my situation ended up like this would be another story to cover.

I put aside all my “kemeruts” so I took my first bold step and joined a company where I could acquire “a lot of money” that I was aiming at. But as they say again, there is no overnight success and we have to work it out for results to happen. I sold products in an attempt to gain profit. I also unashamedly joined a crowdfunding program to acquire funds for debt payment. But I knew it was a futile attempt. I tried many ways just to cover my dues-borrowing from colleagues, family and friends. I even advanced one and a half month portion of my salary just to pay any amount I could.

Finally, I am here writing. And I never imagined “this” to be one of my topics. I actually launched this site for quite some time already. I just didn’t have enough motivation to start anything. It is only now that I consider continuing writing on this site. I don’t expect to earn here either. It’s just that I think it’s high time for someone like me to be heard as well. “I may not earn but someone else would learn.”

I can’t say enough even though I said that much already.

I have to be broke to blog.

Check back for more articles! Thanks for reading!