Daily Blog 7/22/2020

I don’t wish to write for the sake of writing but this I must do. The reason why I must? I don’t know. Maybe to take advantage of my assumed break from work.

It’s just liberating and I feel excited whenever I think of blogging.

This month my little girl is turning 1 year and 2 months. Maybe I would wait 2 more years before I can finally have a whole hour straight on my blog. More years and I will insert writing short stories in my sched. I’ve already started doing it in my mind.

I will capitalize on this newfound passion.

How about you? How are you during these days?

In the Corner of My Mind

Alys in the storm

I miss the times

when I could kiss the fog,

and the corners of my mind

would wonder beyond.

In the days when,

I felt the rain,

and all the corners of the world

would dither in a mess.

I miss the times

When the wind caressed my solitude,

and the corners of my heart

would flutter at the shades of its warmth.

I miss the times

when words were but sounds,

played carefully, on the tips of tongues

and spoken with truth and thought.

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I’m just but a poor writer

No fancy words to use

No long stories to tell

No rhyming to boast of.

Just with me is a passion and an ever ending desire to produce.

Yet I slack of, and don’t study most of the time.

And so I will still be the poor writer, no matter how much passion or desire I have with me, till I find courage to change and accept the reality that must be faced if I wanted to become better.

I refuse to take advantage of the help I receive from others. I take some but lose most of what I get. I lack plan, I mess up. Just always lamenting. Never working my ass harder.

In remaining a poor writer, I witness wars here and there. At the bottom or at the pit of my stomach, at the top or the highest point on my head, at my feet, and my periphery.

But those wars will never end I know. Because they will continue to argue like those blind men from Indostan.

So, yes! I am the poor writer.

And I will always tell it so like this.

Still I know that I might, at some point, not be the poor writer, which I use to tell myself.

Why You Shouldn’t Have Kids

Global warming. If you’re still trying to have a child at this point, you’re rooting for human extinction. We’re in a pandemic, don’t create another pandemic. If you hate doing laundry, that’s a clear sign you shouldn’t be considering it. Why would laundry exceed more than one load per week? Look in the mirror. Do […]

Why You Shouldn’t Have Kids

Feeling Good Despite Looking Out of Shape

As I look in the mirror, I see, not a fat ugly lady, but a woman with a happy and contented soul. So contented that I could die but no, I won’t just yet. Just exaggerating a little. Of course, there is still that desire to look fit and slim but I could always work out on that later on, when, maybe, my little ones are a little bit older. Nursing and you-know-whats took their toll on my physique that I can barely compare the me-now to the me-before. But hey! It’s part of living the life!

The Pause

I paused for a moment (actually days or weeks) to consider if what I’ve been doing was worth my time…

My musings have proved to be detrimental to my newfound hobby plus the new side hustles I do in order to help me with my blogging escapades. So I declined the offer of my cynic self to just disappear into oblivion. I just can’t. For what reason?

As the many sides of the self continue to argue, the fingers, once again, took courage and boldly moved to type.

(I’m Going Home, I’m Going Home) Wondering Why/How Travelers Get Awesome Realizations

This morning, I opened my Facebook account to find out that I was tagged in a post. And this is just one of the types that would halt me from whatever that I was doing and since I share the same sentiment with the author of this composition, I just feel it would be a waste not to share it on my blog. So going home it is… Going home… Going home…

“Sunday, what a beautiful day. I woke up refreshed after knowing that I would finally get home and see my wife and daughter. I skimmed the book that I was reading hoping to get a few inspiration. It was not a religious book nor a Bible. It’s a book with several essays on it – on travel to Calcutta, London, New York, and some occasional literary reviews on books and authors. I read through some pages, put it down and pondered. The author’s words, exquisite!”

“I sometimes wonder why people who travel a lot developed a sense of maturity with how they view things. They developed a certain insight so deep it would pique your interest and make you ruminate, ‘How did he ever arrive to that awesome realization? ‘ If travelling opens our eyes to possibilities, to see the tiny details of the universe and the magnificent loom of God, then perhaps, I should start packing my bag and head to a wonderful journey. Travelers have gone through places, experienced cultures, met with different kinds of people. They tasted several flavors and basked at different types of weather. But on top of all of these, they suffered devastation, of rejection and failure, of loneliness and boredom, feasted on joy and sexual freedom, possessed by wisdom and knowledge until they settled down and found their way home. Only then, they started writing. Only at home. Not in other places. Home.”

“Thus, I am packing my bag once more, full of memories and experiences, of mistakes and heartaches, of myriad colors, of various notes, and unto the new chapter of the book I am making and towards a new insights about life. I have not gone to places, but I have gone through life.”

“And this time, I’m going home.”

Leomel Pasquin

Blogging Mantra

It really is interesting how this particular blogger can keep his audience for long and I am one who has been a regular to his blog site.

A recurring theme I’ve found on his blog is his mantra of punching the damn keys. And so I thought I would create mine as well?

After all, the essence of blogging for me is having some platform to express my soul.

So here goes…

“Type unless you’re asleep!”

If I could explain this, I mean, I should focus on my writing whenever I have the chance to. Trade offs include watching television, chitchatting, sewing, and many more.

Really we never know. So here I am, at around 11 pm, thinking about writing. And reading of course. And doing the act.