Dear me of the future,

Hi! I’ve been wanting to write this stuff to you to find out how you are these days. Maybe you are now in year 2030 or 2040? Are you still alive? I mean, are you still living? Or could you be…?

I’m not sure what you’re thinking but maybe you’re not in the mood to be reading something like this. But maybe you also want to peek at what you’ve been thinking in your early 30’s.

Let me fill you in with the following.

  • At this very day, you have already reached past 31 years of existence. You have three kids, with two boys and a girl. The girl is very cute and strong! I could say by how she fights her second brother every time they show their love with each other going physical and all. How they love to box each other!
  • You failed to finish your master’s degree yet you felt more liberated from the requirements they asked of you in order to graduate. Back then when you were supposed to enroll your thesis, you withheld just because you still lack appreciation and respect for some things. How you were so ignorant and despiser. I admit to many misgivings and wish I was more prudent, thrifty, and diplomatic. These, I really wished. But maybe because of my arrogance on not seeking our Father back then. Today, I seek Him every time! How about you now at (year 2030 or 2040 or so)? I hope you are reminded of your obligation.
  • I recently obtained some voice to write about things I am inclined to write. And although I lack so many aspects of this craft, I still find time to pen my thoughts, emotions or whatever there is to ruminate about. I found help thru other women and friends who were ahead in knowing how to express themselves and also some other virtual friends who succeeded in persuading me to write. I could mention them here but I know you would always remember them. How they inspired you to write and think and write again. Let me know how you are right now, this year 2030 or 2040. How is your writing? Are you still writing? Do you still find your voice every now and then? Have you tried pursuing something with this craft? Or are you still dreaming of your Math and all? What do you love now? Is it Math? Or the arts? Or is it both? At this time, I’m still seeking whether this is okay or I am just having some detour or maybe I just do not know what I really want or I am just lazy and unknowing… I could sit all day, dreaming of writing my life away, of being a hermit, of being with myself and only myself. But woman! I never thought of this before, before engaging myself or giving in to my earthly desires or uncalculated actions which led me to a roller coaster life right now. Going back first to my masters, I still wanted to pursue it but I just can’t seem to see myself taking any course because at this point I already acquired lots of debt, in kind/in cash, which I would be paying off in five years or so. For a living, I am currently teaching. I love my job, I love the stress that comes with it. But most of the time, I could have been the hermit. Maybe, you know what I wanted to say. You know me! You were me, remember? Or are you an entirely different person now?
  • At least now you are doing better than usual with home chores. You wash clothes more often, maybe 2 to 7 times a week. You do the dishes every so often when needed. You fold clothes and sweep the floor. You plan something for home decoration, which you forgot doing since you started your math life.
  • You are thinking of holding the soil as hobby in the near future when your daughter is a little older that you can find time. You love the soil like a farmer. I just wish I will be able to really do it. I will do it. I will.

So now that I told you these, maybe you could answer the following questions for me…

  1. Have you read all those unfinished books? Were you able to understand the authors’ hearts?
  2. How are your friends, Kureil, Stun, Bham Bham, Shan, Nida and Nida, Kulisty, Margie? (What corny names! Hihi! Joke lang!)
  3. Do you still prefer ‘safe’ words whatever that means? Or you expanded your vocabulary? Are you not lazy anymore to choose right words and wait for correct timing? Because as you know right now, you seem to always say the wrong words at the wrong time and at the wrong place. Hehehe!
  4. And your voice, have you found yours? Hopefully!
  5. Are you still fat? Or maybe fatter? huh! You’ve got to be so indulgent with coffee and unhealthy habit you picked from somewhere. Your brand now is Great Taste (White Caramel). Are you back to brewed? Or maybe you stopped coffee-ing?! Haha, I can’t imagine you cutting back on that.

Reply, self of the future!

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