Daily Blog 7/24/2020

It occured to me, or rather, I realized how I am not taking control over my life.

I wake up each day, worrying about how others would react if I mess up.

I tend to always revert back to being a people-pleaser instead of realizing my goals, be it short term or long term.

I complain that I could not fix my house the way I wanted to. I fuss over things but only up to that since I don’t act on what I believe I should do.

I read a lot of materials but I can’t seem to decide on what to believe, on what to hold on to, on what to follow or obtain as my guide.

I go back and forth, never seeming to stand still even for a short while.

The iron is not my hand and the cup is not of what I prefer.

I let others decide…for me.

I always postpone the day that I have full control of the things I need to have control over.

If not today, then when?

P.S. 1: This post is a little different from how it should have been written. I regret not typing this morning when a smooth flow of thoughts showered my mind. Still, nice try for this day.

P.S. 2: Much as I would like to have perfect grammar and flow, I just won’t be able to come to that since I have my terms and conditions for this blog series.

P.S. 3: Even though I told myself to try not to explain the behind chu chu, I still can’t avoid it. Hehe. We will come to that, yes!

P.S. 4: I feel glad I showed up today.

And you, how are you today?

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