Daily Blog 7/22/2020

I don’t wish to write for the sake of writing but this I must do. The reason why I must? I don’t know. Maybe to take advantage of my assumed break from work.

It’s just liberating and I feel excited whenever I think of blogging.

This month my little girl is turning 1 year and 2 months. Maybe I would wait 2 more years before I can finally have a whole hour straight on my blog. More years and I will insert writing short stories in my sched. I’ve already started doing it in my mind.

I will capitalize on this newfound passion.

How about you? How are you during these days?

3 thoughts on “Daily Blog 7/22/2020”

  1. I’m slowly getting used to the return of normal living, but other than that, I’ve been trying to get back on the writing train. My output’s been very low lately, but I’m still pushing myself to write every day.

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