Of Books and Reading and Me

For the likes of me who keeps two phones on her table, a laptop and a netbook, reading has never been that smooth since I have to check my social accounts, punch the keys on my laptop while I occasionally switch to the ebook I have been reading for a year now. But I always regard reading a must do, always ready to pull it out to read whenever.

Mind you, I read all the introductory parts, the foreword, preface, prologue, or any other fore part there is to read. I love investigating first the background prior to the writing of the story.

Here’s some disclosure: It’s true, I have not actually read yet the book of Soren Kierkegaard, ‘Either/Or.’ I am still at the prologue part. But I always put it behind my mind to read it when I can. When I am not sleepy, or lazy. There really is something in him that drew me close to his profile. (See you in a while, Soren.)

I don’t really read everything word per word, sentence by sentence. I just run my eyes until I’m done. But I’m not done by the way, I go back and read again after I already knew the story. Weird right? But that’s how I read. Until eventually I have memorized every conversation that hooked me. I say it out loud when I’m alone. I do lots of monologues, internal talking. Intrapersonal sort of things. And I enjoy it a lot.

Sometimes, I cry.

Sometimes, I weep.

Sometimes, I laugh.

Sometimes, I don’t understand at all.

But all those books… They kept me company. One way or another. I get to assume roles. I can be as intelligent as I can imagine, or as elegant as I wish, as slim as I can dream of.

And I can always read all the books that I like. Provided that google has decided to give it out for free. Or that’s just how I put it. Of course, it all depends on the publishing company or authors, not really google.

The best part in reading is that you have things to nurture in your mind while you do the pressing house chores. Those that you read become part of your system. And thanks to that… I can almost finish every work in my home rather mindless as thoughts just, you know, wander thru.

But for tonight, I will have to delve deeper into the book I’ve been reading for ages now. And hope I can get to the bottom of it. I really like to know ‘its story.’

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