In Short, Money Motivates

I will go straight to the point and tell you this.

I am continually blogging nowadays for the sake of having more revenue. I blogged before but was too timid to go out into the open and the drive was just too weak. But then I went broke, almost bankrupt, so I’ve decided to look for ways to at least ‘add’ money to my pocket. Or perhaps, have more for my bills and all.

I badly needed extra income that I didn’t care anymore about what others would say. In the first place, were they there when I needed help the most? Were they able to help me during those very very difficult times? No, not really. Their sympathy was just not enough to get me through during those times and so I eventually conceded to being more practical rather than the idealist that I was back then.

I learned that money motivates me more than anything else.

I know it was just out of desperation to say that and there is a deeper philosophy to what I wish to point out here but it’s just beyond me to elaborate or support.

There’s so much more to explore in this newfound hustle and I’m not taking any dollar for granted. One dollar, two dollars, three… four… However big or small I will get my hands typing.

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