Can someone be less than another?

Can someone be less than another person? Certainly, we have seen this over and over as others have taken pride in having positioned themselves one or more places over others.

And I could not understand how they are able to function still even after putting others below them, even behind them. Are you that happy?

Do you really thieve your way up at the expense of the oppression of others? Oppression, I say, but you do not see this. Why not? But isn’t it? It’s in one form or another and this is just one way to do it.

Can’t we be more modest and kind in projecting our so bright pride so that we may be able to give way for others to shine a little at least?

What will you get anyway from climbing so high that it might either be fearsome to look down once at the top or horrible to fall from a certain height?

But that is on you while I’m just here doing nothing. Just sitting… Writing, only to mess up at the middle or at the end. But that is on me.

WHATEVER!!! Go and renew your credence.

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