Tired but Inspired

Yes, tired. Very very. But this voice nagged me into, “Write something! Just something!” And so I’m gonna type but we’ll keep it short. Yes?

So are we just gonna scold someone today?

Whichever part on my head said to stop all these, woe to you as you are always the sulky one. Don’t you believe there’s a better way to help other than putting off all the fires that burn within? Didn’t you know it took us so long to gather the courage to come here? If in case you forgot, we almost went crazy for having no one to talk to. Not because no one believed us but we just didn’t want to do it “that” way. So kindly keep still while we configure the many things that we needed to do. Okay?

There you go, little voice. I’ve said something already so can we now rest?


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