West, Wish, Wait. Wednesday W’s: Blogging Challenge from M – F (MTWThF)

Who said I forgot? No, not yet! I still wish that someday I will be able to visit the west. I always imagined the glamour of the place and I might just go there.

I am glad that once in a while, I am reminded of my childhood wishes and fantasies. Which also meant I have not given up yet on doing something more with my life. So my ‘huts and shadows’ will have to be suspended for the meantime, whatever I meant with this. Hehehe!

What had popped to my mind as I read cowboy pocketbooks back then when I tried so hard to read and digest my father’s Louis L’Amour’s, what I felt, what I imagined… I wanted to realize those, compare reality versus fantasies, and so on.

We’ll see about all these. Who knows?

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