Dr. Kate Ledesma on Youtube

Just can't help sharing to you one of the people I got inspiration from in order to blog. You just have to click the link below to find out what she's up to!

Making Time, Taking Time, Owning Time

I've been wanting to devote a whole day for reading and writing and now that I'm finally having the chance, I'm making time for it. I'm taking my time and owning it. When you've been nagged at for so long, you would know this is a freedom of a kind. And you can't help feeling … Continue reading Making Time, Taking Time, Owning Time


As I continue with this blogging thing, I have yet to ponder whether being here is the right thing to do or not. Currently I am a teacher in Math but funny how I spend my time trying to read and read and read about writing and the like. I also keep creating rhymes in … Continue reading 5/24/2020


We make mistakes and most of these are rarely deliberate or planned. Just a few maybe okay but always sulking or suffering from these over and over may not be the most recommended scenario if we were to live just a modest life. They say the greatest glory is not in ever falling but rising … Continue reading SNAPPING OUT FROM UNCALCULATED ACTIONS

Tidbits on Language

I suppose so.

TóTómel: Tilling the Nascent Philippines


A sudden silence in the middle of a conversation suddenly brings us back to essentials: it reveals how dearly we must pay for the invention of speech.
Emile M. Cioran

Is it my right brain or the left brain that’s functioning within my skull? I don’t know exactly because I must admit that my mind is not as sharp as others’ for I still have an inadequacy of mastering any language. So much more with my style, simply because I am not adept in constructing right phrases or choosing appropriate words for my sentences; and with all of these errors and poor English usage, I usually get a bad remark from my girlfriend. Naks!

In the current situation, it is a formidable fact that one is adjudged by the predilection of correct sentence constructions. With vicissitudes and inconsistencies, one may flunk from the standard of languages and be scorned publicly…

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Be a Bridge

So you've finally arrived. And you thought, Ahhh... Was that it? Is that all there is to it? Is it really that simple? Then you lift your head, while your eyes wander back to the place where you came from then you see someone trying to figure out as well their way to the destination. … Continue reading Be a Bridge

And So we Continue

Moving on, we have to slow down a bit and think about the reasons why we write. Would it just be to express? To walk someone thru something? To inform? To rant? To flex people, books, pictures, words? Is it out of hobby or to earn? I tend to forget the reasons for my directions … Continue reading And So we Continue

Be Wary

We read for the purpose of gaining inspiration and lessons. But the act does take something away from us as well when we become so absorbed by what we read. So be careful. Use an umbrella when it is raining, or put on coat for that matter. Shield your hands if you are to hold … Continue reading Be Wary


As I go on with my blogging activities (reading, writing, networking), I realized that there is more to it than just earning or exploring the platform. It's a great avenue to think about thinking and to realize the things that one is most inclined to write about. To tell you, I jumped right out of … Continue reading SLOWING DOWN TO REFINE PURPOSE FOR POSTING ONLINE