What is there to hesitate about?

I just realized how unready I am to share my thoughts to the world. The constant battle of my ideal side with my unorganized, messed up, and sulky self leads up to my indecisiveness. And although I know what to write about, I come up with nothing but deleted drafts and unpublished posts. I thought I was ready to take on this newfound hobby but there is more to recognize than just the lack of talent or skill.

You have to have the willingness to share whatever you have with your readers. Otherwise you won’t have anything to write about. One should be diligent enough to walk someone thru something. If not, be open and honest to feelings and thoughts. It really is terrible to show up and have nothing to say. Still the courage to show up is admirable. And I have to at least congratulate myself for doing so. Okay, yes, I know, I know, that we should not perceive this as a chore at all so as not to scare any inspiration away but I already chose this so what is there to hesitate about?

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