Of Filial Piety

I already know something about filial piety. I know as well you already know this. But I have come to understand something more about it.

I recently got into some trouble. A scandal. Financial scandal, if you ask me. During those days I prayed very hard. And very hard that I almost always cried whenever I had the chance to hide from questioning eyes. I prayed again. I asked God for miracles. I know that my faith is very little, but I said to myself, at least I still have that little.

I prayed and prayed. I did nothing in particular. Just this, praying. I held on to the teachings I heard about faith. About God doing impossible things. I held on to that. There’s nothing more to do. I surrendered my soul to Him.

My prayers were answered!

You guess how it happened!

I have come to believe that God’s love is shown to us through our parents. The unconditional love they give to us is God loving us. Who else will go to your rescue if not them? Who else will help us if not God? They are the very symbol of God’s love for us. And so I say this unashamedly and it is now coming from me…

“Let us show love to our parents. Let us give our compassion to them. Let us respect them and listen to their words. A fool is someone who does not obey his/her parents. No parent will wish for his/her child’s ruin.”

Dad, live longer so you may see… Mama as well…

P.S. I love you, Daddy. And Mama…

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